September 7, 2011
Libya - North Africa - Europe: Does the real war start now ?

Pepe Escobar doesn’t just ask this  question in the Asia Times. Many of his concerns - his fears are quite reasonable. Thus - he titles just: 
Libya: The real war starts now 

Again he’s ranting about “NATO-rebels” and - if you take a closer look on politicians acting there - you easily find similarities to stories some years ago - Iraqi stories. The way, white collar politicians talk about “ç - I often feel reminded of all these defense players in former football (soccer - the real football) teams at school, who let seven goals happen in the first 10 minutes and then shout at their forwards to finally score. The decisive difference this time is - France’s Sarkozy definitely is the most aggressive guy there - not the Transatlantic gang of the Bushists  as it was in Iraq. (Of course - the Bushists have retired - now it’s another strange group).
 And - if you take a look at French history in the 20th century and the population in the “Grande Nation” everything soon gets clearer :
1 - the national disaster for France in the 20th century was the defeat in the Algerian War of Liberation - 1954-1962.
2 - Algerians are one of the biggest groups of immigrants in France - making up a big part of population in the Banlieue’s - the suburbs of Paris and other big towns.
3 - Algeria was the first country, where an Islamist Party in 1991 has won Democratic elections. Directly the Military took over. Whether and how France was involved into that - there were never any investigations published. 
4 - the Civil war afterwards - it caused the deaths of many, many people. Most Algerian citizens today are tired of fighting - of bloodshed.
5  - like in all other countries (not only in that region) there are many young people without any perspectives. Nobody supports them - nobody encourages them. Trade exchange / education exchange programs etc. are far too small to handle this incredible force.
6 - Europe is incapable of dealing with its own ignored problems since almost a generation - even decreased in its capacities within the last decade  - it’s just a sealed fortress.
7  - Old Europe - especially in that case France is afraid of these impacts- also on the Banlieues in the own country. Germany is lacking any foreign policy - I used to say - when the man, sitting at his chair in the foreign office has learnt something about the world, it’s already in flames. Italy - Libya was colonized by them - but - they are busy enough with their godfather. 

Tough diplomacy fails one more time - there’s no one interested into that - like in Iraq - many false pretenses are aiming at establishing the New World Order.
In Iraq it was the Agenda of the PNAC - The Project for a new American Century - this time it’s the responsible White Collars Governments, who have caused the European Crisis working on the destabilization of their backyard for covering their own internal and external failures and - for aggressively protecting their own economical interests. That way for them it’s also easier to establish the Treaty of Lisbon - the contract for an economical dictatorship in Europe without invigorating cultural identities at all - destabilizing the people - trying to weaken them and taking away all their power in the moment of hardship. 

A German army physician once described a scene, that happened in a German army-camp in Kunduz/ Afghanistan: Lamenting about “politician’s battlespace tourism” she described, when the former Defense Minister visited the camp and there were some Talib attacks. The Minister just said indignantly:” But - how can they attack the camp now, that they know, that I’m here ? ” - The physician - a mother of five just writes, she couldn’t believe it and   - from which planet that man had been sent to that camp. 
As I was working on the civil sector without any armed protection I could tell many similar stories of officials not having any idea about the people - and about war and - why people were desperate.

When will these wars finally end - when will the West finally leave the dirt tracks of bloodshed and destruction and leave the world in Peace ?
Is the so called developed world really developed - or - has it just arrived at the final rebound of a seemingly eternal crisis ?  
Is it up to us to send away that white collar fraction of  corrupt politicians with their mighty clients - telling others to kick us with their heavy boots ?
When will it be, that finally the builders are more honored than those, who are just out for destruction - but always keeping their hands clean ?
When will people finally realize, that all these proxy wars out of their borders do have a lot to do with themselves and their fate ?
When will more and more soldiers and policemen realize, that cowards do ask them to defend their greedy aims ?
When will they refuse to obey and tell their commanders to change the nice slippers with the Boots  - to finally come on to ground zero ?

September 4, 2011


Syrian opposition demonstrators in Bucharest and Istanbul protest against Syrian President Bashar Assad on Friday, September 2nd. People wave Syrian flags during a protest march organized by the Syrian minority in Bucharest (top) and Syrians living in Turkey hold a banner with pictures of Syria’s President Assad and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi during a protest outside the Syrian consulate in Istanbul. Credit: Radu Sigheti and Murad Sezer for Reuters.

The latest from Syria:

At least 13 people were killed Sunday in Syria, according to the Local Co-ordination Committees (LCC). The LCC says security forces are surrounding hospitals to prevent wounded anti-government protesters from receiving treatment. State media SANA claims six soldiers and three civilians were killed after gunmen attacked a military bus near Hama. [Al Jazeera, BBC]

Red Cross chief Jakob Kellenberger is in Damascus to meet with the foreign minister Sunday and President Assad on Monday. The head of the ICRC will attempt to get access to detained activists. [Guardian]

The head of the Arab League will be in Syria this week after the Syrian government approved his visit. Last week, Syria rejected a statement from the Arab League calling on the Syrian regime to halt the violence. [VOA Blog]

A satellite TV station in Syria is airing all of Gadhafi’s speeches and appeals, where the station owner “personally broadcast support for Kadafi during Libya’s rebellion” even when the Libyan leader released no new messages, according to Babylon and Beyond. Mishan Jabouri, who owns the Al Oruba channel, fled Iraq in 2005 after he was charged with embezzlement. After he set up his first satellite channel in Syria, the U.S. Treasury Department hit the channel with sanctions. [Babylon and Beyond]

The European Union has agreed to an oil embargo against Syria, as well as employing further sanctions. Why the oil embargo is a big deal: around 95% of Syrian oil exports head to the EU and approximately one-third of Syria’s export income comes from oil exports. [Corruption Currents, Digital Journal]

Commentary of the week: Now Lebanon’s James Kirchick slams Syrian expert Joshua Landis, co-director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and author of Syria Comment. Kirchick calls Landis the “professor of propaganda,” accusing him of “parroting” and “whitewashing” the Assad regime by denying evidence of murders carried out by Syrian security forces and for leaning pro-Assad in a multitude of blog posts. [Now Lebanon]

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August 26, 2011

It’s sad to see, that in a TED talk on July 27th, 2011 the founder of Turquoise mountain 2, Rory Stewart needs to stress again, what many people working on the ground in  Afghanistan were saying all the time – the military didn’t bring more security – the decisive strategy changes were missing. And the fact, that he quotes German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle – the greatest competence vacuum ever in our Foreign Office here in a consecutive line with many others – mostly US-Generals and UK-Politicians starting 2004  - Westerwelle even describing 2011 as the “decisive year” for the West in Afghanistan shows how far behind  Germans these days are in understanding and moving in any international as much as national affairs.
The sad truth, that most diplomats – international as much as UN-diplomats don’t know a lot about the country – that they mostly don’t even touch Afghan ground moving in armored cars from one office compound protected like a high security prison to the other – I also wrote about that in my German blog in 2009. But – there’s a frightening general lack of any further conceptual layouts. Western discussions still focused on Military and Girl-schools deny and ignore, what happened with the Afghan society – and  -what will be described here further on.
And still – the need, that Rory Stewart here in his talk has to focus that much on the military - it shows, how  deep the gorge between  the military and any further civilian concepts for really doing something sustainable and reasonable on the ground - for moving towards a  regeneration program or  - even a rebuilding strategy is.  I’m sorry to say that, but – Rory Stewart also got stuck in that discussion here.

The strategy, how to build a bridge leading over that gorge between the military and the civil society for really enabling progresses in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya - the whole Middle East - and further on – the Southern Hemisphere of our planet needs to be developed urgently.

 “Afghanistan – indicator for the (system-) decadence” will be the next introductive topic first. 


August 25, 2011

NATO targets in Libya - and innocent civilians-13

At least Arab TV-channels show, how cruel reality may look like after "accurate and precise" NATO-air raids. You should watch it until the bitter end. 

August 25, 2011
Sweet Crude of mine - by Pepe Escobar - Globalistan, Lybia and the Middle East

Royals dancing in palace corridors have been spotted in Riyadh. The heir to the Libyan throne, Prince al-Senussi, a nephew of King Idriss who was deposed by Muammar Gaddafi and others in a bloodless 1969 military coup, has embarked on a busy self-promotion campaign, saying he’s ready to go back to Libya and even “lead the country”. 
Nothing in the world would be sweeter for the House of Saud - extremely distasteful of most Arab secular republics - than a friendly, brand new emirate in northern Africa. 

But the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the real winners of the Libyan tribal/civil war, may have other ideas. Mahmoud Jibril - the dodgy National Transitional Council’s prime 
minister - speaking in Qatar, has explicitly thanked the winners by name: France, Britain, the United States, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Of this top five, the Western top three might welcome, in theory, a pliable emirate - but as long as it does not exhibit North Waziristan-style ultra-fundamentalist tendencies, as in Pakistan’s tribal area. 

full story here

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