Oktober 12, 2013
B 3.4. here
B 3.5. – Ein verlassenes Abrissgebäude – ein Wohnhaus aus den1960ern / 70ern in einer kleineren Stadt zwischen Hangzhou und Ningbo im reichen, auch von Offiziellen als „europäisch“ bezeichneten Osten Chinas. Daneben ein scheinbar noch bewohntes Haus etwas jüngeren Datums – voraussichtlich aus den späten 1980er Jahren. Die Mitte Chinas mit der riesigen Sichuan-Ebene wird indes als der „asiatische Teil“ Chinas bezeichnet – beim Westen indes mit seinen armen Minderheitengebieten – der Wüste Gobi mit den Uyguren und anderen Turkvölkern im Norden, Tibet mit seinem schwer zugänglichen Bergland und dem tropischen Regenwaldgebiet von Yunnan im Süden mit seinen vielen Hügelvölkern spricht man davon, dass China hier „wie Afrika“ aussähe.  
B 3.5. – An abandoned demolished house – a residential building from the 1960’s/ 70’s in a small town between Hangzhou and Ningbo in the rich East, which also from officials is called the “European part” of China. Besides that an apparently still inhabited house of slightly younger age – perhaps from the late 1980’s. The middle of China with the vast Sichuan-plain meanwhile is named the “Asian part” of China – with the West instead with its poor minority regions – the desert Gobi with the Uygurs and other Turc-people in the North, Tibet with its hardly accessible highland and the tropical rainforests of Yunnan in the South with its many hill tribes people say, that China here looks “like Africa”.
B 3.5. – Una case abbandonata – un abitazione dei anni 1960 / 70 in una piccola città tra Hangzhou e Ningbo nella parte ricca, che anche dei ufficiali si chiama la “parte Europea” della Cina. Accanto una casa apparentemente ancora abitata d’un età più giovane – forse dei tardi anni 1980. Il centro della Cina col grande piano di Sichuan e chiamato la “parte Asiatica” – al Ovest però colle regione povere delle minorità - il deserto Gobi coi Uiguri ed i altri popoli Turci al Nord, Tibet col paese montuoso difficile accessibile ed i foresti tropici di Yunnan al Sud si dice, che la Cina qui sarebbe “come Africa”. 

B 3.4. here

B 3.5. – Ein verlassenes Abrissgebäude – ein Wohnhaus aus den1960ern / 70ern in einer kleineren Stadt zwischen Hangzhou und Ningbo im reichen, auch von Offiziellen als „europäisch“ bezeichneten Osten Chinas. Daneben ein scheinbar noch bewohntes Haus etwas jüngeren Datums – voraussichtlich aus den späten 1980er Jahren. Die Mitte Chinas mit der riesigen Sichuan-Ebene wird indes als der „asiatische Teil“ Chinas bezeichnet – beim Westen indes mit seinen armen Minderheitengebieten – der Wüste Gobi mit den Uyguren und anderen Turkvölkern im Norden, Tibet mit seinem schwer zugänglichen Bergland und dem tropischen Regenwaldgebiet von Yunnan im Süden mit seinen vielen Hügelvölkern spricht man davon, dass China hier „wie Afrika“ aussähe. 


B 3.5. – An abandoned demolished house – a residential building from the 1960’s/ 70’s in a small town between Hangzhou and Ningbo in the rich East, which also from officials is called the “European part” of China. Besides that an apparently still inhabited house of slightly younger age – perhaps from the late 1980’s. The middle of China with the vast Sichuan-plain meanwhile is named the “Asian part” of China – with the West instead with its poor minority regions – the desert Gobi with the Uygurs and other Turc-people in the North, Tibet with its hardly accessible highland and the tropical rainforests of Yunnan in the South with its many hill tribes people say, that China here looks “like Africa”.


B 3.5. – Una case abbandonata – un abitazione dei anni 1960 / 70 in una piccola città tra Hangzhou e Ningbo nella parte ricca, che anche dei ufficiali si chiama la “parte Europea” della Cina. Accanto una casa apparentemente ancora abitata d’un età più giovane – forse dei tardi anni 1980. Il centro della Cina col grande piano di Sichuan e chiamato la “parte Asiatica” – al Ovest però colle regione povere delle minorità - il deserto Gobi coi Uiguri ed i altri popoli Turci al Nord, Tibet col paese montuoso difficile accessibile ed i foresti tropici di Yunnan al Sud si dice, che la Cina qui sarebbe “come Africa”. 

November 11, 2012
Crash-Events and Jubilees – endless C®amps or Standing Chances for some Life ?

Part 1 with link to part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 here - Deutsch hier

The haircut on debt and the currency reboot could insofar gain some additional meaning – and additional support as a consequence of one or several medium-weight crash-events.30
The tradition of the Jubilee that way after many hundred years might experience a reanimation: 
“The main purpose of this institution was to keep the balance between the owners of goods, as it was intended by Moses: In a certain sense the Jubilee should accomplish a renaissance of the whole country. Before the Babylonian captivity the Jubilee doesn’t seem to be noticed, though there are traces to be found at Jes 61,1f EU. After the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 the Jubilee hasn’t been celebrated any more in Judaism.” 31 

Investment liability in real economy feedback loops could be one thing – the very for those, who currently are piling the cotton rags – or their assumed counter values somewhere else – and haircut on debt for those, who don’t have anything or less than anything left anymore of those – accompanied by simultaneous agreement on local minimum wages and covering of basic services. Because – the permanent QE distribution as much as the endless ESM-distribution, which now is announced and everywhere shall be loaded “in small tranches “ on people’s backs will lead to deflation and soon then to (hyper-) inflation – to a “new global economical crisis”.
This will take place together with guaranteed profits for cadres and “project developers”, who actually also act as landgrabbers in the kingdom currently lacking a middle. No way out – a creeping course of that scenario, as it is currently attempted won’t be possible for too long any more. 25,32

Far from it – in the course of “global elites” tending more and more evidently to the first scenario, who increasingly abolish “democracy” and basic rights everywhere for preserving power and continuously maintaining equivalent “stability” of business as usual in the global feudal system within the implosion of the Pax Americana and the abolition of basic civil rights in the course of austerity measures in Europe also the Middle Kingdom has more and more taken leave from freedom and basic rights – and from the constitutional aim socialism – particularly after the last constitutional change from 2004, where “legal private property is protected as untouchable”. 33 What instead in which way is protected as “legal private property” in the course of landgrabbing rather being the rule but the exception – that has first of all to be judged by the judge – and powerful interests influencing him or her.
“Communism is dead, dictatorship is alive” 34 is the headliner of the Southern German newspaper on October 20th, 2012. “Auhoritarian state capitalism” 34 though in his claims of monopoly is as much endangered by struggling regional and provincial interests and can only be maintained with massive force. That way there are similarities between “corporate capitalism” in the West, where the state is just one participant on the market and where that way in Europe also powerful private companies and the EC apparatus from Brussels together with the IMF increasingly more suffocate and suppress every single state in a classic act of surface lamination. Every single state, that with its constitution and its monopoly of the divisions of government before has been legitimated by the citizens. Because of the fact, that the state  also acts as legislative power and dominates the executive power public welfare is more and more holed and subordinated to powerful private interests. A process meanwhile, which significantly endangers – even destroys existential basics of living everywhere. 
Water, light and air – and sound don’t know countries or territorial borders – no plot boundaries – they are common goods not for sale – basic rights of all people. They are the core of freedom, equality and fraternalism – and – of the respomsibility for the creation – for people’s life with that world.

Regarding China’s rapid development in this connection once more:
Already 1989, when the one writing here travelled the country it was quite evident, that economic liberalization stood uttermost restrictively in opposition to an extremely limited political freedom – particularly after the abatement of the student movement. At that time on my way back I experienced the Soviet Union as the blatant opposite – markets there were destroyed, but Glasnost and Perestroika allowed some utter freedom (of speech). Civil freedoms were acknowledged and kept on prevailing – demand and right of trade though wasn’t to be fulfilled in the stiff and run down command economy weakened by the embargo. Lastly then, when I worked in China between November 2011 and April 2012 the country was at the tipping point. The scandal then around Bo Xilai in March/ April 2012, party leader after all at Chongqing, with 29 to 30 million inhabitants the biggest city of the world at the mouth of the Jialing into the Yangtse 35 then might have marked the turning point. If and to what extent the whole affair – also the soon murder accusation and the quick process against the wife of the popular “leftist” – the “princeling” also date from controlled denunciation campaigns – that can here and now only be subject for speculation.
Intrigues, murders and manipulations and multiple slander campaigns – everything, that within the linguistic dictation of “political correctness“ in the wide field of “conspiracy theories” immediately is banned with a curse and that way becomes a taboo – everywhere these means are popular for steering the skills and for eliminating the political opponent – in the West, East, North and South – everywhere. Without any doubt Bo Xilai though was an exalted populist, who might have caused some chaos in the politbureau and the country itself – if applicable even a new “cultural – or a civilization revolution”. Disquiet, one fears there the way, the devil fears the holy water seeing the protests flaring up all over the country – protests against inflation, miserable working conditions and environmental distruction, landgrabbing and corruption of cadres and their entrepreneurial clients.
In China however now the way towards more “planning security” might go on – also a reason to be happy mostly as well for many Western entrepeneurs. True “reforms” that way will only be proceeded in a slow and tough manner and – if they really will bring a “sustainable” improvement of these conditions can be doubted here.
Xi Jinping’s main focus will be on stability and integrity of the Middle Kingdom – powerful economic interests though will significantly influence him as much as his colleagues in the West. It also rests with other powerful circles in the Middle Kingdom searching that middle again though to touch sore spots with their many fingers and to move China into the 21st century that way. These powerful circles will identify themselves increasingly with the dimension of the whole Chinese people within their search for meaning in the idealistic vacuum and will then also arrive at an increasing fulfillment of the 12th five-year plan particularly for the mass of the 99 % there. A hard and difficult process, which will require some sacrifice, but – a sustainable one. And – without a restorative return time and again on what this term means, whose German translation has been borrowed from forestry there would never have been any cultural history – not to mention 4000 years of Chinese one. Although the soil was soaked with blood therein quite often.

Ideal vacuums thus significantly characterize these hypermaterialistic and highly armed states and corporative bodies, who though claiming the end of history for themselves by suppressing many uncomfortable aspects of that particular history of humanity to a certain degree destroy themselves as well. Without any idea also material looses its value. Physics, which ignores metaphysics and doesn’t realize, that without that non material or even non particle world she herself couldn’t exist is unenduring viable. Both spaces account for each other and need to be balanced out – the vacuum of one of them causes the other one’s death.

Here once again is the question – will there be an implosion with some comparatively minor collateral damage we will undergo there and – we will significantly contribute to shape or – will it become an explosion, which will tear all of us down into the abyss of hell.
I for myself think, because of the fact, that life is very nice and the world is a wonderful place 99+1% of humanity rather would vote for the first scenario.
But – of course there’s still “a lot of persuading” to do and some abysses to pass by. 

30              A debt watch to be taken with a pinch of salt – just regarding one side – the tails’ side of the coin - http://www.gold-gold-gold.de/files/longdesc/schuldenuhr
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History of Economics from the 18th Century till Today – Deflation and War –  John Maynard Keynes, the Treaty of Versailles and powerful „Flocks“ and “Schools” Fearing their Decrease of Significance.     here 

Oktober 31, 2012
China and the US – three Scenarios for a Future World Order – and Europe and the others – in between or underneath?

Part 1 with link to part 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 here - Deutsch hier

On the other hand – particularly young people from the countryside continue to move into the cities – and the rather poor rural population still is the majority of people there in China. And – they go into the factories there in the suburban areas hoping to escape from the meager rural subsistence. Lesley T. Chang that way reveals some gaps in Marx’ theory of alienation, who didn’t know Chinese pragmatism and – she shows off dreams and perspectives of young migrant workers in the Middle Kingdom.23
Just the way, I also found that country and  - the kids – “my team” there, when I recently worked there (in an office).
But – in the year of the dragon the desire for change in the Middle Kingdom also in the sense of the 12th Five-year-plan stands in opposition to the desire for stability - and also the “safety of revenues” of cadre politicians on all levels and in all provinces. 24
And – the deepest longing for peace and harmony – particularly with the secretely admired and sometimes also hated US-Americans is shared by rather latent Taoists as much as by prevailing Confucianists in the Middle Kingdom. 25

The racy development with its giant dimensions also tearing apart the “Middle Kingdom”– “Urbanism without Urbanity” towards what Mike Davis states in the “Planet of Slums”  - as Davis later observes the “classic social sciences” 47 and within that leading protagonists like Karl Marx and Max Weber never have foreseen that. Rural exodus, suburban area populating and inner city industrialization and vice versa – suburban area industrialization and inner city populating and all processes of shifting, expulsion and suppression to be highly efficient in time and space are phenomena, which because of the lacking socio-scientific theories require real-time infrastructural planning.
Quite true, but there are also many experiences and empirical values within the industrial (R) evolution of the North, which in comparison to that took us much longer and which enables us to make this real-time planning significantly easier.

Insofar this could also lead us into a rather creeping course of the “crisis” over many years away. This might however go with many consistently jerkily proceeding slices and settlings in the course of the assimilation processes of weakened economies just focused on growth – but it might also lead to some smaller or medium-sized crashes with the equivalent annihilation of capital and the pushs of inflation related to that. Above all – “under considerate caring siege” – the biggest presence of US-military forces in the Pacific since WW2 certainly the Middle Kingdom also searchs to emancipate itself in its currency politics by means of the Offshore-Yuan and commercial treaties with the other big emerging nations Brazil, Russia and India – since the end of 2011 also with Japan– looking for ways out of the dependency on the Dollar. 44

There might emerge a strong hierarchy – the US as leading power of the West and China on top of the emerging nations aside – always grimly opposing each other for the pole position, underneath the emerging nations, mentioned above and the “Old Continent” Europe, significantly weakened by the Euro crisis. Canada, which here often is regarded in a slightly exaggerated way as “the biggest opposition party in the North Americas” with 32 million inhabitants and Australia and Oceania are alongside there. The South then is following below – Africa, Asia – poorer regions – following the particular state of development and the equivalently statically evaluated potentials for development.
This would approximately rather be the neofeudal scenario. After all a development, wherein severe feudal relationships on all levels of scales could be preserved – or even might be invigorated – as for example in the Indian cast system. With the omnipresent “Landlordism” being dominated by powerful private interests and “urban development” that way also managed by force – in the context of blatant landgrabbing in the South and vehemently prejudged safeguarding of tenures and customary law in the North the Status-Quo that way would be updated. A process of crystallization is taking place, which in consideration of the dynamic evolution would be anything else but “sustainable” or stable and requires structural as much as physical violence – which also means multiple wars on all levels. Internal civil wars amongst different tribes and ethnic groups as much as external wars between singular countries and constant proxy wars over ressources and geostrategical hegemonies that way are inevitable. 48

As an alternative to that – as already represented here in-depth it could also come to an increased layered arrangement – thus also to a bigger vertical permeability inside of and amongst the multiple scale levels. That way also trade and exchange – knowledge and technology transfer can realize itself increasingly more amongst different levels of experience. Multiple interactions for solving the huge problems – or rather also – as an answer to weighty challenges, the Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens is facing can emerge in expansively densely tied networks. A flexible fabric is created that way, which independently from ethnic or social origin has the big picture as much as the small and seemingly irrelevant detail locally and globally in the field of vision.
Ergo an evolution process, where the Species in its ambience is appreciated based on the individual and its demands in being and becoming. The individual itself here though is regarded as part of this collective history. The intersection between individual and collective existence therein is the essential point, where the exchange of experiences on different local levels of development can proceed in the Global City – in the continuous dialogue with the countryside. The place of the social being, which is defining the consciousness and therein also the leading parameters for any kind of action in planning – creation and design here also that way has to be evaluated in its context of history of culture and civilization.
Following such models of exchange of experiences within different stages of development of industrial history and shiftings and distortion of times and spaces we are much better enabled to handle local environmental pollution with equivalent local procedures – quite independent of the scenario of climate change, which almost has become stylized as a religious war – meaning, whether the darkest prophecies will come true or whether there are many athmospheric backlashs, the young science of climate research couldn’t yet trace at all. Ultimately it’s always about improving living conditions of humans and animals – humans and their environment – flora and fauna at one place or the other.
We are many, but – without us we are nothing.

The third scenario ergo – slipping into the catastrophe – the World War 3 scenario – as a permanently and continuously smoldering major fire with a correspondent annihilation of ressources – significantly increasing the acceleration of the darkest climate predictions and by that reduction of the world’s population on one place or the other in the course of proxy wars – I think, nobody out of the 99+1 % here will frankly declare that as his or her deepest desire.
In case of these events happening this would be a confession of failure of the species Homo Non Sapiens, who then would represent himself as the scum of creation. The home planet of that creature however would soon somehow recover from that annoying plague – the way this is shown in multiple ways within Alan Weisman’s researches about the “World without us” 10.     

10     http://www.worldwithoutus.com/index2.html and a trailer to the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJVQowigxFM
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25     Oxford-Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China - Rana Mitter about the country’s tumultuous changes from 1911 to the present day http://thebrowser.com/interviews/rana-mitter-on-100-years-modern-china and  - a recension by him about Julia Lovell’s „The Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/sep/02/opium-war-julia-lovell-review and again China Daily about that book and its author: http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/weekly/2012-02/24/content_14681839.htm      
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48              http://www.geo.uni-frankfurt.de/ifh/Personen/heeg/ForschungFrankfurt_Megacities.pdf

Crash-Events and Jubilees – endless C®amps
or Standing Chances for some Life ?     here

Oktober 22, 2012
„Vasallistan“ – Greece and the Primacy of Economics

Part 1 with link to part 2 and 3 here - Deutsch hier

„They Got the Debt – We Got the Profit“ – The Thriftless Southern Europeans Endanger our Prosperity? As if – we Germans are owing them our Richness.“ 8
That way writes Wolfgang Uchatius on October, 12th on ZEIT-online and not only describes the Leopard 2-Tank deals to Greece from 2007/08, but also, how many cars and other (consumer) goods, which have been delivered from German factories not only to Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Who’s then the delinquent, who’s the victim of the “debt trap”, when now everybody unconditionally has to save money?

 “The beautiful German Economic Miracle was just based on the nod” – the headline in between demonstrates, how short-sighted and ahistorical the projection of guilt and debt of the great exporters and sellers opposite the “debtors” is.
And – how mean the game is, which is played there with the coherence – and the inner Peace in Europe. With other words – kicks with combat boots are prepared and with shortened filler words like “sustainable growth” the tyrannic exit from feedback loops, oneself has built up is embellished.
Closed loops, which now shall be rebuilt by the seignior landlord to a debt bondage.

The hint towards the Questions from a Worker Who Reads by Bertolt Brecht – that’s good for the soul of the worker, writing here, who doesn’t seem to be understood any more by many people in Germany: “Historiography ignores ordinary people, that’s what Brecht wants to call our attention to. It also forgets debt.“ 8

 The fact though, that the haircut on debt „Amargi“ – the discharge into Freedom, the Sumerian king Emmeneta announced 2402 b.C. in the case of Greece alone will be equivalent with poverty – not only for the Greek people – is here marginalized rather value-freely. The calm hint towards an event in China, where 2000 workers some days ago have had a brawl with the police also illustrates the perplexity of German experts “from the economy” per annum 2012 in consideration of global turnovers.

A reader’s comment on that article reporting about that event at a supplier of Apple, Dell, Acer and many other electronics companies, which has had negative headlines already before hits the nail on the head: “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” 9 Apple founder Steve Jobs is quoted there by cafédelsur and commented: “Somehow Steve has missed the chance of his life – caring for human living conditions of laborers at the bottom of all hierarchies.“ 9

 „Amargi“ – Freedom – the new haircut on debt will only make sense as a global initiative – otherwise particularly under the current conditions there will be more victims than delinquents – and more wars but adjustment and balance – also without terror.
For arriving there one has finally to get rid of the primacy of economics and has to regard the things – also the current “economic sciences” as part of the heritage of humanism – therefore as one of the germ cells of the “collective memory” – not only the European. Nothing more and nothing less. 

1               http://www.zeit.de/2012/41/Europa-Krise-Schulden/komplettansicht
 - just German
2               http://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/2012-09/foxconn-massenschlaegerei-apple - just German

„Divide and Conquer!“  or rather - „Buy, Be in Debt and Obey!“ - ?
or – Anarchists and Bankers – today and yesterday    here

Oktober 17, 2012
Europe - the Pax Romana and the Pax Americana as „Total Democracy“

Deutsch hier

Predictions are made – 50 years the “Biblical plague” should persist, somebody has caught up.
A long march through the valley of recession or whatever comes now. Almost one human life – two generations. Up to that date all grassroot movements, some guys on the streets or in their niches are dreaming of are dried out. But – the message itself – it arrives at what its aiming at – it paralyzes – it squashes all hopes – it’s lacking any perspective and alternative.
“Experts” are saying things like that. Thus there must be some truth in it, many of those in the shoal without visions dreaming of utopia on the other mountain chain hidden in the fog think.

The Peace Noble Price for the EU at this time – announced the day before – October, 12th is commented by Sebastian Müller on “Le Bohemien” that way:
“Sure, with its vote the committee highly values the historical achievements of the EU and there’s no denying of that. The way from the European Coal and Steel Community ECSC via the EEC, the EC and ultimately the EU enabled the peaceful merging of a continent, which has been war-torn for centuries. An at least introversive peaceful stronghold of wealth evolved from a debris field. Since the Pax Romana there hasn’t been a longer peaceful period than the one since 1945. From a historical point of view the Peace Nobel Price for the EU definitely is comprehensible.

Against that background, that is the striking democratic deficits of the EU, the attack on wealth and social welfare perpetrated by the bank rescue or the scandalous EU refugee policy with the frontex-program – just to mention some grievances of Europe today – the award doesn’t come only too late, but it’s totally out of season. It absolves the status quo.” 

At that time it was said, that “citizens ran away from the Warsaw Pact states”.
That seemed to be easier then – there was the iron curtain and an “alternative” behind it.
This “alternative” today acts “lacking any alternative”.
Where does the journey go to after all?
That doesn’t seem to really strike and cross nobody’s mind – neither Occupy, nor leftists, social democrats, greens – let alone Christian and free democrats or liberals here – easterners, westerners and all over there in the civil society with or without participation in forming of the political will are somehow tending towards a broad agreement.
Where does the journey go to after the Pax Americana has been cancelled – amplified and evident since September 11th, 2001 and – will “the old continent” once more be able to deliberate itself from these “historic bonds” or – have people already forgotten the painful history of the 20th century – in the absolutistic manner of “technocratic democratorship” – or – “technocratic demacrotism” of a new edition of all out-dated social systems “strangely acting according to a certain natural law”? And – do Europeans now march lock-step towards “Bellum aeternum Transatlanticum” – the eternal Transatlantic war?

In fact one awards a prize to oneself – backslapping for EU leaders soon is documented omnipresently in all media – on (almost) all channels.
“Change, yes we can“ becomes rebuilding the continent to the Corporate States of Europe in the sense of the “Project for a New American Century”. At least half of it already is estimated for “rebuilding” – better – “retrofitting” of “Old Europe”.

50 years – the Thirty Years War 1618-1648 – the first half of the 20th century with WW1 and WW2 – all that costed Europe – and then soon also the world a lot – not only money – no – blood, soil and – painful memories. And the extinction of some parts of what once could be called the “collective memory” of the old continent.

The EU-Charta of basic rights doesn’t really matter to anyone any more. The opposite is true – by media control the news becomes an omnipresent jubilation message with scarcely audible alerting overtones and the omnipresent danger – the increasingly smashed “inner peace” in Europe is legitimated in a way, lacking any perspectives and alternatives.

The end of history reveals itself as the ultima ratio of the unconditional “preservation of the system”. Philipp Roth’s frowning vision of a “Plot Against America”transferred into present time at “the end of history” becomes a cruel reality:
A transatlantic appeasement face to face with structures on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, which more and more openly act in a fascist way.
The protagonists there on top this time aren’t named Hitler and Charles Lindbergh as in Roth’s novel – “when even the Jewish composer Weill and the communist writer Brecht are succumbed to the pilot’s high-flyer charme! Lindbergh appears as the plausible republican nightmare, which easily might have happened between Franklin D. Roosevelt and his true follower Harry S. Truman.” 3
Though Philipp Roth shows “fascim as an eligible option, as democracy, consequently thought to its end3, but then in 2004 Philipp Roth didn’t think that to an end in its last consequence and  cringed facing the fact, that this “might not just” be a German – but rather a Transatlantic pheonomenon. A phenomenon, that quasi poisoning hen and egg furthermore this time comes from the Western side of the Atlantic and is aspirated and reabsorbed by “Old Europe” in the most compliable way.
The “German character” as Europe’s central Great Power naturally once again acts particularly distinctive. That oneself also is risen from the debris fields is as much forgotten in that linear uniform self-importance towards the Southern European countries decreasingly moving from depressed areas to disaster zones as the fact, that Greece in 1953 agreed with the debt cancellation for Germany, what enabled the country to revive again. 4
“The Hellenic Republic began 1974 with tremendous mortgages: the population splintered, the military thread by Turkey, which just had occupied Northern Cyprus, no industrial infrastructure and no money – also because the Wehrmacht had robbed the country and Germany didn’t even pay the restraint loans back, which it had substracted from the Greek Central Bank during the occupation. In today’s currency this would be about 3,5 billion dollar, with interests meanwhile this would be something between 70 and 80 billion Euro ( the deputy Daniel Cohn-Bendit in the EU-Parliament spoke about 81 billions). This is just one of the reasons, why accusations from the German side in Greece provoke such an emotional objection. One key for understanding Greece is: Everything here, the country, the soil, every harvest, every right and every privilege – everything is eked out.”  5   

“Do you want total democracy” – the “technocratic demacrotism”? one is tempted to shout out of the window – knowing – sensing, that in shoals without visions out there horrified and alienated looks would be the only helpless answer. 


1               http://le-bohemien.net/2012/10/13/weihen-fur-die-falschen-erben/   just in German
2               http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Plot_Against_America
3               A review about Philipp Roth’s book from 2005 – in the ZEIT – “The German Times” – just in German - http://www.zeit.de/2005/34/L-Roth
4               http://www.erlassjahr-blog.de/blog/tag/londoner-schuldenabkommen-1953/- just in German
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Thanks to Andreas Schlutter for this and the previous link.


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März 17, 2012

Who might be tempted to say, that the US after 911 installed a dictatorship actually forgets, where the “best” and most precise ideologies always came from - where they have been prosecuted in the most accurate way for getting the people enchained - for abolishing the peoples’ freedom in the most sustainable way - until eternity - from Old Europe - particularly from Germany.
After ACTA was supposed to top SOPA / PIPA, which brave US ctizens could prevent now the “EU Privacy Law” is about to be introduced through the back door - capable to destroy any critical voices  - any free press - any blog - in a much more clever and accurate - judicially more offensive way - thus - switching off the Internet.

The System “Gestapo-Stasi-BND 2.012” reforms itself - giving itself a new camouflage - how long will that endure ?

Oktober 11, 2011
Europeans fear climate change more than financial turmoil, poll shows


Respondents said climate change was the second most serious issue facing the world, after poverty

The Eurobarometer poll (pdf) suggests that the majority of the public in the European Union consider global warming to be one of the world’s most serious problems, with one-fifth saying it is the single most serious problem. Overall, respondents said climate change was the second most serious issue facing the world, after poverty.

Connie Hedegaard, European climate commissioner, said: “This is encouraging news. The survey shows that the citizens of Europe can see that economic challenges are not the only ones we face. A clear majority of Europeans expect their politicians and business leaders to address the serious climate challenge now.”

She said it was striking that the public were even more concerned about climate change than in the runup to the landmark Copenhagen summit on climate change in late 2009.

The number of people rating climate change as a very serious problem has risen slightly, from 64% when the poll was last conducted in 2009, to 68% this year. When asked to rank the seriousness of the problem, people put it at 7.4 out of 10, compared with a score of 7.1 out of 10 two years ago.

People also said there were economic benefits to tackling climate change, with eight out of 10 people saying that dealing with the problem would provide an economic boost and create jobs. Two years ago the number was just under two-thirds.

There was also wide support for moving taxation to penalise greenhouse gas emissions and encourage energy efficiency, with an average of 68% of people across the EU in favour of such a move.

However, there was less enthusiasm for people taking personal responsibility for tackling climate change. Only one in five said they took personal responsibility, with more people saying it was the responsibility of national governments, EU authorities and businesses.

Despite this, most respondents said they had taken action to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the previous six months. But for the greatest number that action was recycling household waste, which ranks fairly low on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

(Continue reading…)

Just look at this. Europe is finally beginning to understand the severity of the problem climate change poses to life on Earth. In the United States, climate change, let alone any environmental concerns really, isn’t even on the political agenda. How often do you hear about climate change in the mainstream media? Not that often. When you do hear about it, how often is it tied in with climate science denial? Quite a bit. We have this disconnect between the American population and the scientific community primarily due to 1.) a terrible media, 2.) massive widespread scientific illiteracy, and 3.) scientists who do not publish studies in laymen-friendly terms or make publications readily available. We’re still sitting around debating whether or not it’s a viable man-made threat.

Nonetheless, this is encouraging news.

The other day I already showed off another perspective  - from Central Europe, as we in some parts of Germany were quite ambitious in the early 1980’s working out renewable energy concepts and - what happened with that pioneer spirit as we’re still run by neocon-governments - especially in “Old Europe”. And - within that - the concept of “Business as Usual” - it’s still the permanent priority for all corrupt “real politics”, we’re facing these days. People would love to do more against climate change, but - greedy market dominators  - monopolists prevent that all the time. The result is a poor and much too slow attempt of healing suppurative focusses with band aid  -as also said in another comment here.

September 7, 2011
Libya - North Africa - Europe: Does the real war start now ?

Pepe Escobar doesn’t just ask this  question in the Asia Times. Many of his concerns - his fears are quite reasonable. Thus - he titles just: 
Libya: The real war starts now 

Again he’s ranting about “NATO-rebels” and - if you take a closer look on politicians acting there - you easily find similarities to stories some years ago - Iraqi stories. The way, white collar politicians talk about “ç - I often feel reminded of all these defense players in former football (soccer - the real football) teams at school, who let seven goals happen in the first 10 minutes and then shout at their forwards to finally score. The decisive difference this time is - France’s Sarkozy definitely is the most aggressive guy there - not the Transatlantic gang of the Bushists  as it was in Iraq. (Of course - the Bushists have retired - now it’s another strange group).
 And - if you take a look at French history in the 20th century and the population in the “Grande Nation” everything soon gets clearer :
1 - the national disaster for France in the 20th century was the defeat in the Algerian War of Liberation - 1954-1962.
2 - Algerians are one of the biggest groups of immigrants in France - making up a big part of population in the Banlieue’s - the suburbs of Paris and other big towns.
3 - Algeria was the first country, where an Islamist Party in 1991 has won Democratic elections. Directly the Military took over. Whether and how France was involved into that - there were never any investigations published. 
4 - the Civil war afterwards - it caused the deaths of many, many people. Most Algerian citizens today are tired of fighting - of bloodshed.
5  - like in all other countries (not only in that region) there are many young people without any perspectives. Nobody supports them - nobody encourages them. Trade exchange / education exchange programs etc. are far too small to handle this incredible force.
6 - Europe is incapable of dealing with its own ignored problems since almost a generation - even decreased in its capacities within the last decade  - it’s just a sealed fortress.
7  - Old Europe - especially in that case France is afraid of these impacts- also on the Banlieues in the own country. Germany is lacking any foreign policy - I used to say - when the man, sitting at his chair in the foreign office has learnt something about the world, it’s already in flames. Italy - Libya was colonized by them - but - they are busy enough with their godfather. 

Tough diplomacy fails one more time - there’s no one interested into that - like in Iraq - many false pretenses are aiming at establishing the New World Order.
In Iraq it was the Agenda of the PNAC - The Project for a new American Century - this time it’s the responsible White Collars Governments, who have caused the European Crisis working on the destabilization of their backyard for covering their own internal and external failures and - for aggressively protecting their own economical interests. That way for them it’s also easier to establish the Treaty of Lisbon - the contract for an economical dictatorship in Europe without invigorating cultural identities at all - destabilizing the people - trying to weaken them and taking away all their power in the moment of hardship. 

A German army physician once described a scene, that happened in a German army-camp in Kunduz/ Afghanistan: Lamenting about “politician’s battlespace tourism” she described, when the former Defense Minister visited the camp and there were some Talib attacks. The Minister just said indignantly:” But - how can they attack the camp now, that they know, that I’m here ? ” - The physician - a mother of five just writes, she couldn’t believe it and   - from which planet that man had been sent to that camp. 
As I was working on the civil sector without any armed protection I could tell many similar stories of officials not having any idea about the people - and about war and - why people were desperate.

When will these wars finally end - when will the West finally leave the dirt tracks of bloodshed and destruction and leave the world in Peace ?
Is the so called developed world really developed - or - has it just arrived at the final rebound of a seemingly eternal crisis ?  
Is it up to us to send away that white collar fraction of  corrupt politicians with their mighty clients - telling others to kick us with their heavy boots ?
When will it be, that finally the builders are more honored than those, who are just out for destruction - but always keeping their hands clean ?
When will people finally realize, that all these proxy wars out of their borders do have a lot to do with themselves and their fate ?
When will more and more soldiers and policemen realize, that cowards do ask them to defend their greedy aims ?
When will they refuse to obey and tell their commanders to change the nice slippers with the Boots  - to finally come on to ground zero ?

August 21, 2011
Us – Europe – Germany – the North Americas - and the Afghan Misery

“Austerity” – and other German recipes from economical witchcraft pharmacies for saving and hailing the World - Some more introductive words -2  (Part 1 from yesterday is to be found here)

Facing the misery of other people – perhaps – like in that case - a whole country and then – after deciding to start something as ambitious as “rebuilding that country” and “helping people up –enabling them to help themselves” we first have to look on us – on the state we`re in in that  key moment, where others still pretend, that WE have arrived at the “end of history”. The question is – of whose history ?

 The Bushists in the US and their allies – their puppets and lapdogs elsewhere already had referred a lot to “thoughts and ideas” of Carl Schmitt (I wouldn’t call him a philosopher – the last great German Philosopher got mad  - he got broken by his own despair about his conceptions and – his misgivings already many years before Schmitt). Schmitt instead was called “The Crown Jurist of the Third Reich” 1 . Now with “austerity” another recipe of German origin is  spreading its way all over Western countries and their threatened declining economies. 
Fact is, that German Neo-Conservatives are reigning with the iron fist of that thwarting recipe since a decade. It’s taken from the lowest drawers with the black skull on yellow ground in their economical witchcraft pharmacy. Now – with the Euro-Crash in front of German political leaders’ ignorant foreheads these recipes get tightened all over the place. Thus, the threat of the collision of this event with multiple other moments we’re facing these days is quite big:
-     We’re facing the sizzling Chinese economy getting close to overheating – because of rising inflation the pot has to boil still on high temperature – with the water table bubbling in the pot sinking – soon the pot will be empty and will catch fire.
-     Rising inflation in China is causing all those events, the Communist Party leaders are fearing most – the riots, we’re facing these days from many exploited migrant workers in “the Middle Kingdom” 2, which is threatened to loose its core – its center - and
-     incredible real estate bubbles 3 bursting there and
-     the threat of illiquidity of the US-economy does increase enormously.
-     (Not to mention the outburst of rage in the Middle East – and Israel’s backyard war on Gaza this time - which is actually the lighted match these days – and other packed matchboxes and working striking surfaces are moving closer to each other).
-     WW 3 ante portas ?

 For now arriving at a better understanding of the consequences of “austerity” we have to look at Greece, where the people were forced for the first time now in that pre-crash phase to “tighten their belts” in that way – telling them, that there weren’t any alternatives – mostly by Eurocrits from Brussels – of course – mainly moved into that direction by Berlin and Paris – the main countries of what Donald Rumsfeld called “Old Europe” – and – where they really appreciate Rumsfeld’s quote a lot in their action.
Experienced sociologists and political scientists – even more progressive economists then already emphasized, that for building up these strict saving limits at least five years would be necessary – for doing that in a peaceful manner, without destroying the social basis – the foundations of society and that way causing poverty and maximum exploitation – unrest and – civil war. 

 The Greeks, the Portuguese, the Spaniards – they all have one thing in common – they deliberated themselves very late from fascist dictatorships in the 1970s – older people are paranoid by the memory of that – most younger people don’t have anything to loose any more anyway. And – the Irish – the most Mediterranean Northerners – (just great people – love them) – they more or less overwhelmed their basic conflict between Catholics and Protestants with “New Economy” rising – after 1989. Thus – people everywhere in these countries have a lot of bad feelings about dictatorships and suppression – but also about unrest and war – all that they still feel in their bones – their memories – their family histories. It frightens many people to death there, that these times could return – perhaps even in a more evil manner.
I won’t mention Italy as another key country here now – that wonderful place where the lemons blossom and its people – I’ll return to that more often later.

 Germans  - our “leaders” have always in the 20th century followed ideologies to the max - they were the most cruel fascists as nazis, they were the severest and most obedient communists as stasi spies in the East and - nowadays they are the most pretentious “Neo-Liberals” - thinking, that the markets will be ruled by the “Magical Hand” - thus - denying any kind of responsibility for their action - their leadership. And – abusing this lack of transparency caused by that they are erecting their kind of “Mafiagarchy” – a very German kind of that. Thus – they are opening the backspaces for all kind of deals between the political façade and entrepreneurial dictatorship – misinforming people by more and more censored media and – playing the “business as usual” comedy for their citizens. “Everything’s fine”  -  “everything’s stable” – that’s the leitmotif of that totalitarian message system for people to pay the bills of authoritarian and incapable politicians. Nowadays we’re facing StasiBND 2.011 and – we have to prevent StasiBND 2.012 to be prepared these days. 

3        Kids in Kabul’s Old Town burning rubbish on a “Maidan area” – urban wasteland caused by the civil war 1990-96, where about 60 % of town got destroyed – especially there in these exposed old quarters.    

In Germany salaries are stagnant since more than 10 years. My branch – architecture and urban planning - got already totally destroyed last ten years - in my county – one of the 16 Federal Lands or provinces or states here in Germany 5 we got 17 million inhabitants and as many architects as in the whole of France with 65 million inhabitants. A benefit for “entrepreneurs” (the French word G.W. Bush was missing once) for lowering salaries on deregulated markets since more than a decade.

This development, which now is taking place in many other branches as well continues to destroy the basis of any democratic society - the middle class. And it’s proceeding with an incredibly ignorant force. Most Germans instead are paranoid these days – mostly because of their collective memory, having faced the most accurate and refined ways of erecting dictatorships – many others are just watching and turning around – business as usual – stability – of their currency and their wealth is the reigning principle. Whatever it might cause. Still there’s about ten per cent of the population profiting from the system.

 Insofar – what I’m writing here also contains a warning  - and an appeal to the people in the US and the UK. The subprime Crisis in 2008 hit man people in your countries hard – much harder than many people here in Central Europe can imagine. Many of you have lost everything and perhaps you just regained a modest kind of wealth and lifestyle again in the last three years. Maybe you just got up on your knees again. Many of your kids instead know, that they don’t have to loose anything – and – they fear, that you – and them soon might get robbed again. And – many people – Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, who did their jobs understanding that as a humanitarian act – working there with their own deep faith into Democracy and the values of our countries – people like Bradley Manning - Buddhika Jayamaha, Wesley D. Smith, Jeremy Roebuck, Omar Mora, Edward Sandmeier, Yance T. Gray and Jeremy A. Murphy, the seven who edited “The Iraq War as we see it” four years ago in the NYT 7 or – Mike Prysner 8 – and – I would even add Stan McChrystal here – the dismissed General from Afghanistan, who once was overstretched and then – perhaps with his blood sugar a bit low was trapped with some bad words about DC administrative leaders and a Rolling Stone Reporter catching those up -  we all know better - we all have seen – and experienced more - working at and behind the frontlines.

"Austerity" can only be accomplished by tough threats. 
We should try to prevent the decline – the destruction of our democracies – together – by all means of civil disobedience – of peaceful protest – until the very end we should take action and unite and fight back – without any arms – just with our physical and mental presence -  for creating a better World for our kids – and us – wherever we are – and – wherever we want to be.

4        Girl’s in Kabul’s Old Town – Murad Khane – a quarter – a place, that will be mentioned more often here – the smaller sister of the girl on the right jumping over the fire.

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Images 3 and 4 - photos taken by the author

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