Oktober 20, 2011
So – what’s the Plan, Mr. President ?

How to deal with China – the Middle Kingdom and the West these days ?
(continuing here after “Afghanistan - Indicator for the (System-) Decadence” -  
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Or – better to ask – what’s the GOP’s and tea party’s plan, you’re forced into – with the barrel of the gun, tipping at your forehead ? The GOP in corrosion – in decay – undermined by Corporate America – the 1 % - trying to hold on the wheel of history in the ever lasting – more than 30 year old moment of their “free market phase” of accumulation of power and wealth ?
And – which circumstances make the trigger finger there even more nervous 
than he usually is ?
And – is it just the GOP’s trigger finger or – who else amongst neo – better – old conservatives wishes all kind of change to hell – in Old Europe as much as in the North Americas – amongst “Socialists”, “Democrats” and other Block Party members and supporters – occupying the occupation movement and – trying to erect the barricades with inscriptions like “Don’t touch the running system” or “Business as Usual” or “Keep away from other people’s private affairs” ?

 Some pots there on the hearth of global economy – there’s not a lot of water left in them any more – but – they are still burning on maximum heat. The biggest pot’s bottom already starts to glow. Soon it might burn. 
Where are the tough firefighters for that – having a kind of strategy for fighting the gigantic flames to come? Going into this hell of a fire to expect – to fear – to know about the dangers and thus – to respect them?
Will they arrive before the pot might start to burn  - which is already the case – before a flashover might happen – burning along the old curtains of the window above the hearth towards the ceiling – perhaps soon then burning down the house ?

 China’s growth has created the biggest bubble of unilateral “economic growth” ever.
Chinese younger history is a history of mass movements. And – a history of wars and painful sufferings as well. It’s a history characterized by dramatic changes of wealth and power – by intrigues and assassinations and - by exposition to the element’s and to human forces. A brief history of the colors of the People’s Republic flag: Red as blood, love and passion – yellow as the glimpse of hope, sent down to earth from stars abroad – from distant galaxies – single signs of hope and enlightenment in an ocean of blood and passion – of irrationalism and its gigantic forces of destruction. That’s why the severe moral codex of Confucianism is that essential for the home of more than 1.3 billion humans – almost 20 % of these days world’s population. 

Urban planning – building new towns for new Chinese citizens became one driving motor of the last generation’s Chinese narration of “success and growth”.
But – particularly the North American city has a clear peak in the center, where real estate prices are highest.  This center is bordered – you might even say – it’s encircled by medium sized areas – until the city edges moving towards the low sized urban sprawl areas as effect of the car friendly town of post WW2 urban planning – spreading themselves out vastly into the landscape.  Thus – the cityscape is also a mirror - a reflection of society and its economic wealth – a small elite, a broader middle-class and – a vast area of lower class – the bottom ranks of so called “developed countries”. And – in these countries societies had some time for development towards this. This didn’t work without any frictions and shifts – of course. But – we - our parents did arrive somewhere – and – we believed into us getting going – into our future as a somehow bearable modest future – but – a future, where we get appreciated as humans  - as members of a community called human species as well.

Recent urban development in China has also happened in the most expanding way – covering vast urban areas with more than 20 story high riser stalactites. But – the speed of social change couldn’t compete at all with urban development as one core element of the overheating Chinese economy. The four thousand year old culture, which was always characterized by a balance between urban and rural spaces – is the “Middle Kingdom” endangered of loosing its middle – its center – its core ?
As neo-liberal – “New economy models” were used for urban development programs in China this couldn’t lead to the broad nation’s welfare – following the Communist Party principles. Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” might already be regarded as an attempt of moving over from the dictatorship of the Proletariat towards a Communist society. The result – it’s another frightening example of bloodshed in younger Chinese history. So – “Communist Capitalism” making everybody rich failed as well – economic growth was achieved with the mass exploitation of big armies of migrant workers from the countryside.
And - Adam Smith couldn’t foresee that kind of “New economy” at all. And – Karl Marx’ historical materialism might be helpful for analyzing the way, that lead to that friction – but – not for doing anything against the collapse of the whole corpse, caused by that friction, that soon turns into a gorge – the valley of death ? Charles Darwin instead is tumbling around in his tomb anyway – he always dismissed the 1:1 transfer of the “Survival of the Fittest” on human beings – the way ignorant barbarians use to legitimize their permanent abuse of any moral codex for maintaining and defending their power.
What to do, Zeus asks – a common German quote, which actually links to the fact, that nobody knows, what to do about it – and – some continue with the observation, that the Gods are drunk and the Olympus is smudged with puke. 

The great recession now, we’re steered into - is it the only way of preventing another Chinese Revolution - gigantic upheavals of the armies of migrant workers - the Communist’ Party’s biggest fear ?   The Chinese overproduction bubble – estimations speak of 64 to 80 million empty new built flats – as most of them are more than 60-120 and more square meters (about 646 - 1292 ft ) – a German average citizen lives on 42 square meters (452 ft2 ) – thus – this would be enough for housing the whole population of Germany – 80 million people and big parts of the Benelux countries – the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg – this bubble is that gigantic, that its collapse and the Hyperinflation of Renminbi - the Chinese currency as much as the Dollar and the European currencies will first of all cause this event – the revolution of the migrant workers – and – it has the potential to soon grow out into WW3 – starting with proxy wars close by – in the Afpak-zone as well as Kashmir and India – Iran – Russia - not to imagine.  

 Is that the way now we’re driven downwards here in our “democratorships” in the West?  
For preventing hyperinflation in China – getting moved closer to Chinese conditions ?
And - the ones, profiting most from that in our places - the ones, who still want to keep their power - the corporations, the bangsters – the 1 % – do they really have much better starting positions than us - the exploited 99 % - the users, who just have their simple minds - and their laptops - their social media accesses, that enable us to exchange ideas and experiences – and – hints – whistle-blows over long distances? 

Social media - the internet in that sense could work as a medium, that enables the renaissance of democracy to appear on the screen – not only here in the West, who gives itself that label of democracy and of being developed – also elsewhere – also for example in China. And – in that sense I’m speaking of democracy as the realization of freedom – not only of speech.

 Elsewhere I recently heard somebody raising the question, when banks finally would be asked to take over some responsibility. A question, that shows one more time the basic deficits of approaches towards a fundamental system analysis in Germany – a country, where many people – particularly “the elites”  profited long enough from any crisis elsewhere in the world.

 Banks won’t accept their own responsibility, when responsible individuals in the political system won’t be called to account. Now - these days end of October 2011 other “Euro bombs” might endanger France’s ratings – “bombs” deriving from the Economic Communities of Central -  and of West African States (French CEEAC and UEMOA)1. Soon then the “Grande Nation” might be downgraded to AA+ and – Italy might soon already arrive at A++. Germany won’t have many days left until an AA+. Depends on Greece’s bankruptcy and the simultaneous downgrade of Portugal then. The only question then will be, how Moody’s, S & P’s and Fitch might alternate with each other. At the end of the day there have been made that disastrous mistakes, that there’s nothing to repair any more. And - the three big rating agencies won’t even need any peremptory talks any more. 
Latest November 11th the “Macro-Economics Crash course” of Merkel and Sarkozy should have an end. And – who has paid the course for the Mafia-dilettantes ?  
But – of course – one shouldn’t forget - this will also affect Wall-Street, as there are also many commitments with Europe. There the famous “domino-effect” might also happen. Former Labor Secretary during the last Clinton administration, Robert Reich also emphasizes, that the real problem wasn’t Greece – nor Ireland, Italy, Portugal or Spain. “The real problem is the financial system — centered on Wall Street. And we still haven’t solved it. “ 2  

 Meanwhile even trade unions or “Anti-Globalization” organizations – such as Attac – and other parts of the establishment think, that they might be able to cure or even – to “heal” these dirty purulent wounds - cancerous sores, which are ready to burst open with band aid – such as “transaction taxes” and “the separation of banking systems” (separating between commercial and investment banks, which isn’t the case in “Old Europe”  - we only have “universal banks). That’s the real sad thing about it. And – they might here even lure the Occupy and the Real Democracy Now movement on the streets.
Reality instead looks that way, that the house is already laying there in its completely destroyed ruins and some try to clear the dust from splintered window-panes – perhaps for trying to catch a glimpse to the outside. There instead nothing but destruction is to be seen.2 This has been ignored for too long though – as all the calls of Cassandra.
Some here even say, we should go for snap elections to the German Federal Parliament – but – who should organize that in the chaos to be expected ? And – I should emphasize here – I’m not painting it black – I’m just a Cassandra, an alerter, who has shouted into the desert again and again – and who has been excluded again and again from all sides as well. Since many years. Because - the ones repressing anything to the max – they don’t have the time as well to think deeper about what’s happening and – what they are doing. Thus they exclude and repress all things – all thoughts which might be disagreeable for safeguarding the next short moment of survival.

 Thus – it seems, as if all the failures of micro-management – all the consequences of mass hysteria, accelerated by the mass-media overkill news spam – all those movements, wherein the big picture already got lost long time ago are arriving on our plate now.
And - the biggest sharks, who caused that and those, who are responsible for that - I wouldn’t call them democrats. Hitler also got elected first- later he didn’t need any polls any more. 
What can be done now being endangered of getting lost in the agenda of winding down our ecomomies for preventing the most dangerous economic bubbles to im- and then to explode ? Is it another controlled demolition, we’re facing these days – the implosion of our economies for preventing the gigantic Chinese explosion of the burning pot there on the hearth – causing the potential flashover, that might soon then burn down the house? 

 Am I right, Mr. Obama ? 

At least – these days democrators should show some respect and protect their people from short sighted police forces and provincial warmongers, trying to make big business until the very end. What do you think, Mr. President ?
And – don’t you think, there might be a Neo-Keynesian alternative – thus – a renaissance of social democratic contents here in Europe – that might also enable us to get closer to China and – to let the air move out of the bubble – slowly, slowly – taking away the risk of overheating – of open fire and a flashover – with the fire brigade always backing us up ? 
This alternative should be outlined next week then – in the following article. 
Thus – what’s your opinion, dear Paul (Krugman), dear Michael (Cote) - 
dear Mr. President (Obama) – what do your Chinese hostile partners think about that ?

The World’s a too beautiful place for letting it waste that way.
And – people are kind – when you embrace them –
who ever and – from wherever they are.

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The Einstürzenden Neubauten / Blixa Bargeld – lyrics, both in German and English: http://www.neubauten.org/haus-der-lüge .
 Perhaps one might say, that these days the revolution from 1989 is getting accomplished. Finally. A long march though. Hard work. Anyway – we’ll win. Peacefully. 

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Oktober 15, 2011

"Was ist ein Einbruch in eine Bank gegen die Gründung einer Bank ?"

Echte Demokratie Jetzt / Real Democracy Now / 99 % / O 15 / Section NRW/ Germany 
Square of the German Unity - in front of the German Federal Bank, Branch Düsseldorf 
October 15th, 2011 9am 

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