September 1, 2011
Afghanistan – Indicator for the (System-) Decadence-4

1989 and afterwards – in Afghanistan and - in Kabul
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After the withdrawal of the protecting power a weak state normally collapses. There’s no civil society and no protective legislative force as foundations of a community, which could be called stabilized or manifested in any kind. Patronage systems, which are archaically structured and that way are rooted in the community have been eradicated beforehand by the protecting power, which soon turned to become an occupying power. These structures to be called democratically legitimated within the local tribal system have been smashed in an active or rather undermined in a passive way – according to the kind and the degree of  the intervention or infiltration.
“Surface lamination” and adequate elimination of existing archaically, deeply in the community rooted patronage systems, caused by the lack of basic knowledge of time and space of politically and military active persons aren’t exceptional in these cases – they are a general rule. That way soon the protectors, acting with a completely unilateral mentally ideological approach and wanting to simply impose their “ideas” and “values” on the place and its people turn to become occupants in those moments, when people experience and live through this alienation and ignorance and start to suffer under these pains physically as much as mentally. The “alien patron” becomes a dark and gloomy invader into the privacy  of local people, who get degraded to subordinate subjects, but - who at least enjoy some kind of “home field advantage”. His own modest life at that place and in these times – and the life of his family regarded as solemn hopeful perspective, reaching into the future, that somehow enables his own survival in his descendants is endangered by the strange intruder.
In the moment of withdrawal of an occupying power, which has been dismantled in such a way mostly by itself, thus – its own incapacity the legal and power vacuum of a system of assigned local governors , that has been protected by all active and passive means before comes more and more significantly to light. The maelstrom, resulting from that vacuum soon causes the implosion of the political system. Therein all mechanisms for protecting the community – the society in a state weakened in such a way likewise implode. The citizen gets pounded between the frontlines. His life – and its value is estimated according to his stand – his social class – thus also first of all according to his possessions. In most rather weak states on the Southern hemisphere the lives of 95 and more per cent of the population haven’t got any kind of value any more in these moments of complete anaphylaxis.

 After the withdrawal of the Soviet troops this kind of vacuum is growing in Afghanistan. Powerful and – still well equipped feudal lords stream with their equally well equipped troops to Kabul for safeguarding the centralized power – and their own part of that.
Similar to Sicily in the 19th century, where feudal landlords threatened by impoverishment and loss of power unite with criminals for saving and further on keeping their power and their wealth and that way found something, that commonly is called Mafia the feudal landlords here now surround themselves again with fellowmen. The fact, that there are still enough weapons in the country – American and other Western arms on this side of the Mujahedin, who fought against the Soviets – Chinese and Soviet – finally weapons from all over the world makes everything much easier for the landlords, who now turn to become warlords. Together they have resisted the invaders – now it’s time to fight for a piece of the action. That herein always new coalitions are shaped and the change of flags – switching sides according to the own benefits is part of the game – that is quite evident in such a kind of conflict, which because of recent amount of weapons and still guaranteed floods of arms of any kind to come to the country soon then grows into a decent war. 

In Kabul the short-termed Prime minister to come soon from the Islamic Party Hizb-i-Islami commander Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who has been supported for a long time by the US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in his fight against the Soviets keeps the position on the city walls high above the South of town. Rockets, fired by his fighters shall keep the troop’s movements especially of President Rabbani underneath in check. There, in the Old Town and around the Arg -  the government district, that has been built by Amir Abdur Rahman, the iron king, who united Afghanistan after the second Anglo-Afghan war in the 1880s and south-west from that – towards Darulaman district other warlords and Rabbani’s troops keep the population in check.
Darulaman is the town extension from the 1929s, which culminates in the “Afghan Reichstag “ – Darulaman Palace. This monumental final point and climax of that city extension has been constructed in a huge education and development program under the leadership of French and German architects and engineers. The rockets, mostly fired from the shoulders lacking any targeted precision cause a lot of “collateral damage” amongst the people and the buildings. Grimly lead fights in the streets and houses care for the rest. More than 60 % of the Old Town and of Darulaman District get destroyed. The human suffering  - how many people die or get crippled on the streets and in their houses – that’s not to measure at all. As already mentioned before – nobody cares anyway. 

Insofar the Taliban as a new power to install law and order 1996 are welcome by most parts of the depleted population of Kabul and other urban centers. Finally people can safely cross the streets again. Finally law and order are ruling again, safeguarding a minimum level of security and protection.
A strange kind of Afghan – insofar inverse protectionism emerges. The war torn country gets internationally isolated. Just Saudi-Arabia, some Gulf-states and Pakistan acknowledge the Taliban-Regime.
Between 1996 and 2001 the country disappears as producer from the World drug market.

Images 31-36  photos taken by the author


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